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Stewart Robson weighs the pros and cons for Zlatan Ibrahimovic possibly rejecting a contract extension with Man United. Michael Carrick has told Sky Sports News he will not play for another English club if he leaves Manchester United at the end of the season. Carrick, 35, is out of contract this summer but sources told ESPN FC earlier this month that United have opened talks over a 12-month extension . The midfielder, who joined United from Tottenham in 2006, said if he does join another club "it won't be anywhere else in England," adding: "I've had too many good times here to do that elsewhere." Having initially had limited game time after Jose Mourinho's arrival in the summer, Carrick has now made 14 Premier League starts this season. "I've said it for a number of months now -- I'm just really enjoying playing football," he said. "When you get to this age and you come closer to the end, obviously you get asked these questions but I'm just trying to play and compete in the team and be part of the squad and see how long that takes. "I feel fit at the moment and we've got such a busy time, I haven't really given much thought to it. I've just been playing and concentrating on what we can achieve this season. Anything else can be sorted out in good time." United are currently sixth in the Premier League, four points behind fourth-placed Manchester City with one game in hand, but they have reached the Europa League quarterfinals and have already won the EFL Cup. Michael Carrick said he expected Jose Mourinho to Manchester Shopping bring success to Manchester United in the coming seasons.

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